Raiot Reveals : Draft Bill on the Meghalaya Grassroot Institutions Governance Act, 2015

On the same day,  the Draft Bill on the Meghalaya Grassroot Institutions Governance Act, 2015, will be officially discussed in D. D. Lapang committee, Raiot places the document before the citizens of Meghalaya.

With the KHADC & JHADC Village Administration Bill 2005 still awaiting Governor’s assent, the Meghalaya government ably supported by its sycophantic consultants and civil society organisations has been quietly drafting a Bill to bypass Autonomous District councils and other Sixth Schedule institutions. The draft bill on the Meghalaya Grassroot Institutions Governance Act, 2015, in its title itself, bypasses any idea of democracy and participation and is being prepared and discussed to be sprung as a legislative surprise on the people. Although, the draft hasn’t been put in the public domain, we in Raiot thought that such an important legislation can not be left to the elite wisdoms of committee hopping politicians, bureaucrats and their favourite consultants and civil society wallahs. In the coming days Raiot will be publishing various responses to the draft bill, till then, read/download the draft and maybe even write in Raiot your comments on this draft.

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