On Shillong ‘ban’ – Raiot interviews Digital Suicide

We emailed Daniel Langthasa of Digital Suicide on their Shillong misadventures. He mailed us back.

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Thanks for the questions. Hope the replies makes enough sense.

> Were you surprised at how the digital suicide got treated in Shillong?
Yes. And no.

> Your music provocatively travels between linguistic subversions and political provocations – do you think the traditional corporate sponsored rock circuit is right for your music?
As long as we get a mic and some speakers, we are good to go.

> Your songs are out on soundcloud and youtube, I am sure that event managers would have known about blowjob – porn – reborn jibe before they invited you – so what made them stop your performance? Did they pay you for your gig? Did they apologise?
Good question. We have no idea. Dishonesty for starters.
No, it was not a paid gig. We were supporting another band.
No, we did not receive any apology.

> What is the scene you would like to be part of?
An honest one.

> Haflong – how do you maintain your sanity?
Avoiding people as much as possible. Going for long walks everyday.

> And this Hindi-Bindi-Chinky think where do you stand?
Far, far away from it

> Is it suicide for The Digital Suicide vis-a-vis Shillong?
No. Shillong is beautiful.

Daniel Langthasa,
Digital Suicide.

And now listen to #AKHUNI, a song which will help you to be reborn

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